Planning drawings for individual dwellings and homes

The practice completes a full range of drawings for planning purposes geared towards the residential domestic home owner, where the services of a landscape architect are required.  We have successfully completed planning applications for a range or properties in Wicklow, Dublin and beyond.

Services provided include layout designs for gardens and landscape areas, the development of hedging and screen planting mixes and planting to integrate any type of building or facility in to the landscape. We also provide designs for ecological landscape elements such as natural ponds and bio-remediation soil and vegetation systems.

Visual assessments and tree reports are also undertaken by the practice, where required.

We work with consulting engineers to create integrated SUDS (sustainable urban drainage systems).  We are pleased to provide landscape design services for groups of houses,  new housing estates and their associated green spaces in order to try and create an attractive public realm.

Section image landscape design drawing showing screen planting hiding a development

Development of screen planting vegetation over 20 years