Residential Landscape Design

landscape planning drawing for a housing scheme in South DublinWithin the urban realm, our practice completes landscape design for entire residential areas (masterplanning) as well as individual designs for one-off houses in both urban and rural settings.  We are often involved in all stages of a project: from planning through to construction design and supervision of site works.

Our residential design services include but are not limited to the following:

1) Landscape design masterplans for residential areas, city apartments and village improvement schemes.

2) Detailed landscape design: street tree planting, layout of parks and green spaces, parking, pedestrian and cycle routes, playgrounds, paving,  SUDS…

3) Planting schemes to achieve specific requirements: the use of native plant species, screen planting, creation of vertical and green walls…

For specific planning or presentation purposes, we produce rendered images to show the development of planting over time either as 3D graphics, 2D rendered images or scaled section drawings depending on your preference.

Selected works:

  1. Belmayne, Malahide

  2. Aiken’s Village, Dundrum

  3. Planning drawings for individual properties and houses

  4. Garden Designs