Sycamore Unit at Connolly Hospital

Sycamore Unit at Connolly Hospital

The practice has designed a garden for elderly patients to view and engage with as part of their treatment for psychiatric disorders.


The garden is designed as a looped walk connecting different areas of interest. It is designed to be an attractive garden across all seasons, which will attract insects and birds into what was previously a dull grassed area visible from the ward. The idea is that through the use of different engaging elements and materials that the garden will provide both mental stimulation and some degree of familiarity for patients who are now separated from their own homes and backgrounds. Furthermore, that the planting will be both beautiful and engaging as it changes over the seasons.


There is a potting shed adjacent to raised beds where patients can grow their own salads and vegetables. Further on, the garden opens out into a lawn area which has a washing line, something that is very familiar to most of us. Colourful bird-boxes have been installed nearby.


There is a wooden bridge and then a picket fence and gate separates the main garden from an area at the top end that includes a pergola that is planted with climbing flowers. The top end of the garden has a recreational lawn area and tables and chairs for visitors to the hospital.


The garden is fully wheelchair accessible and has supporting handrails for resting on for those that will be taking walks; but the idea is that patients will get a chance to stretch their legs a bit amongst the planting and be guided by the colours and textures that they experience on the way.


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