Ryninch Private Garden, Killaloe

Ryninch Private Garden, Killaloe

The design for this expansive garden with its wonderful view overlooking Lough Derg, near Killaloe, required a design intervention that would create a beautiful garden for our client around the house, whilst not detracting from its situation.


Our garden design brief was primarily to design the blandness from the steep slope to the front of the house making it more visually pleasing by creating an interesting composition of walls, rich floral planting and steps to the uppermost part of the garden where a simple viewing area was to be installed. Secondly to create formalised, romantic planting around the house and, thirdly, to provide some interest to the lower garden extending to the lake. For this, we designed a simple gravel pathway that circumnavigates the garden, leading to a bridge near the lake and onwards through the woodland to the boat jetty. Down the side of the garden, and visible from the house, a somewhat formalised vegetable and fruit growing area is surrounded by espaliered fruit trees and shrub planting outside that will provide enclosure and shelter with time.


Our design solution for the slope involved creating four terraces using curved walls set at different heights and which run in to a central set of steps which themselves curve up the slope. The natural limestone walls (using locally sourced stone) follow the contours and blend together to create an artistic and engineered finish that is unique to this garden. We planted the copse of mature trees by the lakeside with Bluebells, ferns and woodland plants.
To the front of the garden the set of steps enables access up the slope to a viewing area at the top of the garden, which provides a new panorama across the garden and to the surrounding countryside.

Project Completed:



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