Peoples’ Park Entrance, Lower Dargle Road, Bray

Peoples’ Park Entrance, Lower Dargle Road, Bray

Forms part of the River Dargle Flood Alleviation Scheme opened on the 18th November, 2017 for which the practice provided full design services.

The practice was commissioned to design an entrance to Bray’s most important Municipal park, the Peoples’ Park, as part of new pedestrian connections being made for the enhanced flood defence works to the River Dargle river.


The development of the entrance involved upgrading an existing small, non-descript, entrance to provide a grander, more appropriate, gateway to the park that furthermore created better connection both to the Lower Dargle Road from this eastern side of the park and with the recently installed suspended linear walk alongside the river.


The design creates a more open pedestrian vista to the park than existed previously, the scale of the space being appropriate to either when the park is being used for events or when used on a daily basis by pedestrians, cyclists, individuals, friends and families, who all need space moving into and out of the park.


The design incorporates geometrically spaced cube-headed Lime trees to reinforce the perceived “main” direction of movement and to add a sense of grandeur to the entrance.  The double, vehicular-sized gate itself and a bespoke granite wall and fence detail with vertical “wings” that gradually pivot as one moves along the fence, gives the entrance its own landscape design language.   A modern look is conferred, whilst also using materials such as granite that would provide for melding with the more traditional elements of this important Victorian park.


The design had to provide a link to the suspended walkway next to the Dargle by creating an “off-ramp” and in addition, new path routes were created within the park using hoggin-dust surfacing to create a soft feel underfoot.  Specimen trees were planted within the park to counterbalance the loss of some larger trees that occurred as part of the flood  development works.


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