Green Infrastructure Plan for Wicklow

Green Infrastructure Plan for Wicklow

Green infrastructure is the network of green spaces and natural elements that intersperse and connect our cities, towns and villages. It is the open spaces, waterways, gardens, woodlands, green corridors, wildlife habitats, street trees, natural heritage and open countryside. Green infrastructure provides multiple benefits for the economy, the environment and people.


In a similar way to other aspects of planning, such as housing and industry, green infrastructure needs to be planned to serve its purpose to society and the environment and this can be achieved by developing a green infrastructure plan.


It is recommended that future development plans incorporate a section on green infrastructure as this makes up an important part of communal and private space and the successful integration of other forms of development in to a well composed public realm is also dependent on green infrastructure. This report undertaken independently by staff and students at Austen Associates landscape architects in 2011 begins to look at existing greenery and how green infrastructure is dealt with in the current development Plan for Wicklow Town and recommends further action.


Green Infrastructure, Places of Recreation