Giardino della mostra, Bloom in the Park Gold Medal, 2013

Giardino della mostra, Bloom in the Park Gold Medal, 2013

The practice has completed a variety of show gardens at the Bloom in the Park garden festival in Dublin. This large garden completed in 2013 received a gold medal.


Giardino della mostra, translating generally from the Italian as “exhibition garden” or “garden of exhibits,” is a garden that encourages you to design your own garden to a strong theme, whilst referring to the fact that a good garden is formed from the sum of its parts.


The concept and layout are, in part, inspired by the layout of Ireland’s only permanent exhibition of show gardens at Gardenworld, Kilquade (the National Garden Exhibition Centre), Co. Wicklow and the classical gardens of France and Italy.


The planting is also inspired by the landscapes of Wicklow, Ireland’s “garden county,” which itself contains both “natural” landscapes and also impressive formal gardens, such as Powerscourt, and everything in-between. So, it is intended that some of this variety is shown in this garden that is basically formal in arrangement but also displays some more natural areas and looser planting arrangements that are held in place by the main structural elements.


A central avenue or boulevard is often a key element in formal landscape design and in this garden the main route through the garden opens out at its centre to provide a seating area next to a formally shaped water feature. The avenue is finished in Ballylusk gravel and edged with Italian Travertine paving. A series of rose arches are included along the length of the avenue, which itself terminates at a second water feature consisting of a waterfall into a raised pool.


Box hedging is used to divide up the planting areas, which include relaxed perennial flower areas at the front of the gardening transitioning to formalised Peony and Lavender beds in the centre, with birch woodland planting to the rear. The avenue is defined by 30 cube-headed Hornbeam trees, the largest collection of mature trees ever exhibited in a Bloom show garden.

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