Dodder Greenway

Dodder Greenway

We at Austen Associates have had the honour of being a part of the Dodder Greenway projects landscape design.


The project is located along the Dodder river which runs from Tallaght all the way  to the Liffey river in Dublin’s city centre. The project is split into 6 phases, with the first three already being completed along the stretch of the river starting from Fitzwilliam quay and ending at Donnybrook road and the last three currently under construction. Once all the phases are completed the Dodder Greenway will run all the way from the sea to the mountains.


It was important for us to give the Dodder Greenway a subtle but memorable feature which lets you know where you are, for this we chose to use the groups of red poles which can be found along the pathway of the whole river. They were chosen to represent the middle ground between the trees of old and the modern day metropolis that is Dublin city, and how they can both exist symbiotically in contrast to the perception of them being polar opposites. That said, any interpretations made by anyone is just as valid as our own and we encourage people to make their own connections to them.


One of the aspects which we thought was essential in this project was having nature flow throughout the whole stretch of the river. The first step we took to ensure this was the inclusion of native species of trees and plants to Ireland such as different types of oak, beech, birch, ash and many others. To ensure that the trees grow without the danger of their roots being damaged we implemented a cell web for the roots; this protects the roots from becoming damaged from any sort of construction, while also allowing the roots to still be able to grow out into soil and thus the trees to flourish. Although trees and plants have been added and maintained, in consultation with SDCC’s biodiversity officer and parks department, we have attempted to ensure nature has the opportunity to make it’s own biodiversity. We did this by designing in areas that are left to undergo natural regeneration. This is the best way for a wide variety of plant, animal and insect species to arrive along the Dodder river as their environment will create itself in a balanced way, naturally.


The seating and benches were manufactured specifically for this project; they were designed with the idea of having comfortable benches which have a rustic feel to them with their stone bases and wooden seat surface. In some of the seating spaces a resin bound gravel surface was implemented to offer an attractive but solid paving which also gives good traction underfoot.


This project has been a long time in the works and to see it being completed is something that we at Austen Associates are extremely proud of. Give it a visit next time you have to travel along the river.


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