Abbottstown Business Park

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Abbottstown Business Park Landscape Masterplan

Austen Associates were commissioned by the project engineers, Clifton Scannell Emerson Associates, to design a landscape for the planned 70 acre business park at Abbotstown in West Dublin.

The business park is laid out with a main access road forming a strong axis with a secondary road forming a perpendicular axis to this; these are the main routes through the business park.  These have been designed as formal avenues using Oak trees planted to either side of the route and using clipped Hornbeam hedging to delineate the pathways and cycleways from the roads.

The main entrance landscape was developed to provide a statement landscape at the entrance using mounding and specimen trees; it also provides a lunching spot!

The landsacpe design is to soften the proposed structures and provide a visually pleasing working environment throughout the business park.  This is achieved through using low maintenance ground cover planting arranged in blocks and sweeps of similar plants.  Extensive woodland screening proposals have been  devloped for the perimeter of the park.

The park also includes a large attenuation pond and this has been designed to be include oplanted terraes that will support wetland plants and encourage wildlife to use the pond.

The landscape design was completed to tender stage with specifications and plant quantities provided for pricing.