Develop a natural playground in your school

natural, play, playgrounds, preschool, schools, play

Develop a natural playground in your school

Remember back to your childhood and your most memorable outdoor fun experiences!


natural, play, playgrounds, preschool, schools, play

Developing creative play and inquisitivity

Was it splashing in puddles, rolling down a grassy slope or climbing on rocks? Although the world of play has progressed to modern playgrounds with special play equipment designed to a very high standard, children’s souls still look for primary opportunities to discover nature. A Natural Playground offers a place to put aside their modern trappings and express their creativity, challenge themselves physically and immerse themselves in real nature. Kids can get their hands into sand, splash in water or even cook a mud-pie, decorated with leaves and berries. Tasty!


There is great news for those seeking to develop this natural play ethos in pre-school settings!
The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs recently announced the Early Years and a School Age Childcare Capital Programme in 2018, which gives financial support to encourage schools to make the most playful natural surroundings for their outdoor play areas


It is by no means necessary to use manufactured equipment to provide for adventurous activities for kids, but spreading logs, putting down stepping stones as a jumping path, creating shelters and lookouts are exciting and affordable if made from natural materials.


The choice of the playground elements is extensive because we can use our imaginations and creativity to design our own dream playgrounds.  Running and rolling down from mounds, climbing on the fallen trees or jumping on stepping stones strengthen the coordination and balancing skills of kids.

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What’s in there?

We can also use plants in our natural play areas to help bring children closer to nature. Plants have sensory qualities and many edible plants are safe and easy to grow. It is great to teach kids where our food comes from. We recommend using thornless species, perhaps native bushes as shelters, fruit and other edible trees to enjoy the taste of naturally grown fruits or a wild flower meadow which is an excellent place for running around.


Getting to know edible plants raised vegetables in accessible beds helps children to learn about growing and nurturing. It is possible to use recycled materials, even tyres or old wellington boots as growing elements, which is not just a good way for recycling, but certainly gives a more interesting look to your garden. Colourful and bright!


There are many other interesting ways for having fun and improving essential skills, such as an outdoor music board made of pots and pans, setting up watering systems for the plants that allow the kids to see water moving and flowing through the playground, anything that helps kids develop motor and cognitive skills in a fun and creative natural setting. What better way to spend time outdoors, having fun and appreciating the little things in life and our connection to the earth.


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